GOLVET goes China

The GOLVET has already defended its Michelin star four years in a row and is known far beyond the borders of Berlin. We were able to enter into a cooperation with a Chinese company and are now exporting our well-known GOLVET charm to the land of the rising sun.

If you are interested in further information, please contact our representatives on site:

GOLVET 已經連續四年捍衛其米其林星級,並且在柏林以外的地區廣為人知。我們能夠與一家中國公司達成合作,現在正在將我們著名的 GOLVET 魅力出口到旭日東昇的土地上。





Paolo Dodaro
Responsible Partner Franchise China 
E-Mail: dodaro@40seconds.de

飲 總裁(合夥人)

公司郵箱 dodaro@40seconds.de


Alex Lau
Executive Chef  China
E-Mail: lau@40seconds.de


公司郵箱 lau@40seconds.de