GOLVET Cocktail set


Cocktail set with the GOLVET classics



Our best cocktail classics combined into one set.
Whether sweet, sour or fruity – in this set you will find the right drink for every occasion and taste.

The set contains:

1 x 50 ml – Cosmopolitan Punch

1 x 50 ml – Mint Gimlet

1 x 50 ml – Negroni

1 x 50 ml – Old Fashioned

All drinks are also available individually in our store.

Additional information


4 x 50 ml


Cosmopolitan Punch:
Russian Standard Vodka, Dry Curacao, Rhubarb, Verjus, Lime, Raspberry, Rose, Almond Milk

Mint – Gimlet:
Apostoles Mate Gin, Lime Cordial, Mint

Golvet Negroni
Aquavit line, GB PX Sherry, Lillet Rouge, Campari

Old Fashioned
Woodford Reserve, sugar syrup, bitters


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