SILENT BRASS deep plate

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Culinary craftsmanship needs a perfect stage:

When staging the dishes at GOLVET, chef Jonas Zörner therefore relies on high-quality porcelain that makes each individual course shine. Nothing should distract from the food.
“For me, a plate is something like the canvas for the painter”.

But it’s not only the aesthetics that are important, the tableware must also function.

That’s why we work with the porcelain manufacturer Hering Berlin, on whose tableware we present our dishes to give them the perfect stage.

Because we are asked so often, we offer you the opportunity here to purchase the handmade Hering porcelain for private use at home.


Here the SILENT BRASS deep plate:

Handmade biscuit porcelain with cobalt glaze. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Since the glaze with the delicate gold tone developed in long experiments is poured by hand into every single porcelain object, it always has a slightly different course. This effect is particularly visible in the rounding of the deep plate.

The “Silent Brass” collection is a particularly elegant variation of this type of decor developed by Hering Berlin: It looks as if plates and bowls have been poured over with liquid metal. In reality, the secret is based on a glaze with ground basalt, which is poured out separately by hand in each object, attaches itself to the surfaces in different ways and thus makes each individual piece absolutely unique.


The decoration / dish is not included in the scope of delivery.