LuiSe Lindroth

Deputy Restaurant Manager

Service and enjoyment combined at the highest level

Guest care, team leadership, quality assurance, in short: taking responsibility – what often deters others is what makes Luise Lindroth truly thrive. As the deputy restaurant manager, the 26-year-old ensures smooth operations at GOLVET while always keeping the big picture in mind. For her, good food and good service are inseparably linked so that her guests can have an unforgettable evening. “It’s the combination of leadership qualities, hospitality, know-how, and organizational skills that excite me about the position of deputy restaurant manager. However, for this key role, one must also have a passion for gastronomy,” explains Luise.
And she has been doing this for ten years already. Luise gained her first gastronomy experience as a hostess and waitress at Grill Royal Berlin. She then completed her training as a hotel specialist at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Berlin, where she met restaurant manager and sommelier Mathias Brandweiner. This encounter significantly influenced her career path. “Mathias is a wonderful host. After my training, I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton to learn as much as possible from him,” Luise summarizes. Alongside Mathias and Michelin-starred chef Dieter Müller, she worked the following year in the hotel’s own restaurant POTS by Dieter Müller. It was a formative time in which she broadened her knowledge and skills, focusing not only on the dishes themselves but also on their presentation and service.

Luise Lindroth portrait

Maintaining composure, being a rock in the surf

Luise Lindroth

Luise has been working at GOLVET for over a year now. Her new team quickly recognized her potential: she started in 2022 as Chef de Rang and was promoted to deputy restaurant manager in November 2023. “Always being the first in the restaurant, she takes responsibility for tasks, always keeps an eye on what needs to be done and lives everyday life as a role model. With this work ethic, she quickly became an indispensable force,” says Michelin-starred chef Jonas Zörner appreciatively of his colleague.

But of course, being the deputy restaurant manager requires more than just having good organizational skills, diligence, and a keen sense of aesthetics on the plate. As a link between the kitchen, the service staff, and the guests, it is primarily communication skills that are crucial to success, whether the guests feel comfortable, the orders are implemented correctly, and the atmosphere in the restaurant is harmonious. Here, empathy, patience, and diplomatic skills are required – qualities that Luise intuitively masters. “Luise is incredibly strong with guests. She loves being a hostess and presenting GOLVET and our team,” confirms Jonas.

Luise Lindroth

When creativity, know-how, and quality become one

Another strength of Luise: building bridges, finding creative solutions, and, if necessary, making flexible adjustments. Instead of focusing on separation, she focuses on fusions and is not afraid to try new things. Her comfort food: Chinese food cooked by her Omi Hui – authentic fusion cuisine is practically ingrained in Luise thanks to her Swedish and Chinese roots. And also, at GOLVET, she approaches her tasks with natural openness and curiosity. She receives and greets guests with professional ease, anticipates their individual needs, and accompanies them through the evening. “Being a good host involves more than just carrying plates. You must be flexible and attentive because you never know what will happen. The beauty of gastronomy is also that every evening is different,” explains Luise. For her, it’s clear: to set new standards in gastronomy, it’s often the small things that make the difference. Only then does a visit to GOLVET become an unforgettable experience for the guests.