Golvet team portrait

from left to right: Andrea Agosta (Sommelier), Luise Lindroth (Assistant Restaurant Manager), Martin Wolf (Restaurant Manager), Jonas Zörner (Executive Chef), Stefano Martinelli (Sous Chef), José Kolbe (Bar Manager)



Executive CHEF

Jonas Zörner is head chef and the driving force behind the outstanding culinary experience at GOLVET. With his impressive expertise and passion for high-end gastronomy, he has made a name for himself in the German culinary scene.

Thanks to his training and many years of experience in renowned gastronomic establishments such as FACIL at The Mandala Hotel and THE RESTAURANT at The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Jonas has perfected his craft. His time in these world-class restaurants has given him extensive knowledge and skills in fine dining.

Since 2018, Jonas has enriched the team at GOLVET Restaurant and has quickly made a name for himself thanks to his exceptional creativity and deep understanding of aromas and flavour compositions. He was appointed Head Chef and Executive Chef back in early 2020 and has been responsible for the restaurant’s culinary excellence ever since.

Under Jonas’ leadership, the GOLVET restaurant has achieved remarkable recognition. The very next year, the restaurant was awarded the coveted Michelin star for the fourth time in a row – an impressive success achieved for the first time under his responsibility. In November 2022, Jonas was elected BERLINER MEISTERKOCH 2022, further underlining his extraordinary contribution to Berlin’s gastronomic scene.

With his dedicated team, Jonas Zörner creates menus at the highest gourmet level in the GOLVET Restaurant. His dishes are characterised by a harmonious fusion of innovative techniques, fresh ingredients and refined flavours. Jonas looks forward every day to welcoming guests to the GOLVET Restaurant and offering them an unforgettable culinary experience.



Stefano Martinelli is Sous Chef and Chef Patissier, at GOLVET Restaurant. With his passion for patisserie and impressive creativity, he has made a name for himself as a master of sweet temptations.

Stefano has an impressive career and extensive experience in high-end gastronomy. His journey has taken him through renowned patisseries and restaurants in various countries, where he perfected his craft and honed his skills.

Since joining the GOLVET Restaurant team, Stefano has delighted guests with his exceptional dessert creations and artful presentations. His ability to create innovative flavor combinations and reinterpret classic desserts makes him a true master of his craft.

Stefano Martinelli’s creations are characterized by their refined elegance and the perfect balance of flavors and textures. Each dessert is a work of art in itself, seducing the senses and transporting guests into a world of sweet delights.

With his attention to detail and keen sense of guests’ needs, Stefano creates a harmonious link between GOLVET Restaurant’s main dishes and his dessert creations. His expertise and commitment to the highest quality have helped make GOLVET Restaurant a paradise for gourmets and sweet tooth alike.

Stefano Martinelli is an indispensable part of the GOLVET team and looks forward to treating you to his delicious desserts. Be inspired by his passion for patisserie and enjoy an unforgettable sweet journey at GOLVET Restaurant.



Martin Wolf is the charming and experienced restaurant manager who delights guests at GOLVET with his warm manner and professional service. With his many years of experience in upscale gastronomy, he has made a name for himself as an excellent host and connoisseur of fine culinary details.

Martin has extensive expertise and a passion for first-class service. His career began in renowned restaurants, where he perfected his talent for serving discerning guests. With his exceptional sense of hospitality and sound understanding of guests’ needs, he creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere at GOLVET Restaurant.

Since joining the GOLVET Restaurant team, Martin Wolf has become a crucial part of the restaurant’s success. With his ability to lead a team and smoothly coordinate the restaurant’s operations, he ensures that every guest enjoys a memorable culinary experience.

Martin’s attention to detail and flair for first-class service have helped make GOLVET Restaurant a popular destination for foodies. Together with the kitchen team and the rest of the service team, he ensures that every guest has an unforgettable evening.

Martin Wolf and his team always strive to exceed guests’ expectations and offer them an unforgettable culinary experience. With his charming personality and professional demeanour, he is the perfect host at the GOLVET Restaurant and looks forward to giving you a warm welcome.

Luise Lindroth portrait

LuiSe Lindroth

Deputy restaurant manager

Biography not available yet

Andrea Agosta portrait

Andrea AgoSta


Biography not available yet



Jose Kolbe is bar manager at GOLVET. With his passion for high quality spirits and his creativity in cocktail creation, he has made a name for himself as a master mixologist.

Jose has extensive experience and expertise in the bar industry. His career began in prestigious bars and clubs around the world, where he perfected his craft and acquired a wide repertoire of cocktails and mixing techniques.

Since joining the team at GOLVET Restaurant, Jose has developed a unique and diverse bar menu based on the use of high-quality ingredients and the search for new flavor combinations. His creative approach to cocktail creation is reflected in unique and appealing drinks that delight guests.

Jose Kolbe is a true host at the bar. With his friendly and charismatic demeanor, he creates a welcoming atmosphere where guests can feel comfortable and enjoy the art of mixology. He always strives to accommodate individual preferences and tastes, creating custom cocktails that meet guests’ expectations.

With his ability to combine flavors and create innovative taste compositions, Jose Kolbe has made the bar at GOLVET Restaurant a popular meeting place for cocktail lovers. His passion and dedication for creating outstanding bar experiences make him an indispensable part of the GOLVET team.

Jose Kolbe looks forward to welcoming you to GOLVET Restaurant and providing you with an unforgettable bar experience with creative and delicious cocktails.