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Golvet team portrait

from left to right: Andrea Agosta (Sommelier), Luise Lindroth (Assistant Restaurant Manager), Martin Wolf (Restaurant Manager), Jonas Zörner (Executive Chef), Stefano Martinelli (Sous Chef), José Kolbe (Bar Manager)

The Hosts


Executive Chef

The Fusion of Passion, Talent, and Creativity

A dish seduces the senses, evokes emotions, creates a connection between people, and reflects the creativity of the chef. A dish tells a story:

Jonas Zörner was eleven years old when he first stood alone at the stove. He experiments with ingredients and simple recipes, quickly developing a keen affinity for the art of cooking. His curiosity drives him: He is fascinated by the boundless possibilities that the world of flavors offers, realizing that preparing a meal is not just a daily necessity, but also a creative and artistic activity. From a promising talent, he eventually becomes extraordinarily skilled. Today, Jonas is a Michelin-starred chef and Executive Chef at Golvet in Berlin. He creates not only flavorful but also visual masterpieces, where each ingredient and decorative element perfectly harmonizes.


Sous Chef and Chef Patissier

Finding Perfection in Calmness

When one thinks of the world’s Michelin-starred kitchens, terms like calmness and serenity are seldom mentioned. However, these are exactly what Stefano Martinelli contemplates as he heads to his workplace at GOLVET. Cooking is where he finds his peace. For him, the kitchen is a place where everything is in order, and he prepares the highest culinary delights step by step in a harmonious sequence with his team. The young Italian is at peace with himself, something you can sense from the first moment you meet him.


Restaurant Manager

Lived Hospitality at Eye Level

Spending an evening at GOLVET, one feels both on top of the world and simultaneously among friends. The fabulous creations from the kitchen leave a lasting impression, while the service perfectly complements the experience, making the evening unforgettable. The silent force in the background is Martin Wolf, the restaurant manager, who reliably supports head chef Jonas. The two have been working together for nearly five years and almost simultaneously took over leadership at GOLVET: Jonas in the kitchen, Martin in service. Their mutual trust is palpable. With his keen sense for people and ability to remain calm in difficult situations, Martin is the ideal right hand for Jonas in managing the restaurant. “Martin is very empathetic and can put himself in the shoes of each staff member, thus recognizing their needs very well. With this gift, he often brings me to new insights and frequently reminds me to take a moment to breathe and think. We form a perfect unit,” confirms head chef Jonas.

Luise Lindroth portrait

Luise Lindroth

Deputy Restaurant Manager

Service and enjoyment combined at the highest level

Guest care, team leadership, quality assurance, in short: taking responsibility – what often deters others is what makes Luise Lindroth truly thrive. As the deputy restaurant manager, the 26-year-old ensures smooth operations at GOLVET while always keeping the big picture in mind. For her, good food and good service are inseparably linked so that her guests can have an unforgettable evening. “It’s the combination of leadership qualities, hospitality, know-how, and organizational skills that excite me about the position of deputy restaurant manager. However, for this key role, one must also have a passion for gastronomy,” explains Luise.

Andrea Agosta portrait

Andrea Agosta


From Florence to the World

When Andrea Agosta talks about fine dining, his eyes light up. At an early age, he discovered his passion for the world of high cuisine when his older brother took him to a Michelin-starred restaurant in his hometown of Florence for the first time at the age of 16. That restaurant no longer exists, but his love for good food and fine wine remains. At 19, he left Italy to explore the world. He worked as a mixologist in cocktail bars, later in the bar operations of upscale restaurants, private member clubs, and exclusive hotels. His journey took him to Ibiza, Barcelona, and London. The Italian is cosmopolitan, speaks five languages, and is at home in the world of upscale gastronomy.


Bar Manager

Jose Kolbe is bar manager at GOLVET. With his passion for high quality spirits and his creativity in cocktail creation, he has made a name for himself as a master mixologist.

Jose has extensive experience and expertise in the bar industry. His career began in prestigious bars and clubs around the world, where he perfected his craft and acquired a wide repertoire of cocktails and mixing techniques.

Since joining the team at GOLVET Restaurant, Jose has developed a unique and diverse bar menu based on the use of high-quality ingredients and the search for new flavor combinations. His creative approach to cocktail creation is reflected in unique and appealing drinks that delight guests.

Jose Kolbe is a true host at the bar. With his friendly and charismatic demeanor, he creates a welcoming atmosphere where guests can feel comfortable and enjoy the art of mixology. He always strives to accommodate individual preferences and tastes, creating custom cocktails that meet guests’ expectations.

With his ability to combine flavors and create innovative taste compositions, Jose Kolbe has made the bar at GOLVET Restaurant a popular meeting place for cocktail lovers. His passion and dedication for creating outstanding bar experiences make him an indispensable part of the GOLVET team.

Jose Kolbe looks forward to welcoming you to GOLVET Restaurant and providing you with an unforgettable bar experience with creative and delicious cocktails.