Martin Wolf

Restaurant Manager

Lived Hospitality at Eye Level

Spending an evening at GOLVET, one feels both on top of the world and simultaneously among friends. The fabulous creations from the kitchen leave a lasting impression, while the service perfectly complements the experience, making the evening unforgettable. The silent force in the background is Martin Wolf, the restaurant manager, who reliably supports head chef Jonas. The two have been working together for nearly five years and almost simultaneously took over leadership at GOLVET: Jonas in the kitchen, Martin in service. Their mutual trust is palpable. With his keen sense for people and ability to remain calm in difficult situations, Martin is the ideal right hand for Jonas in managing the restaurant. “Martin is very empathetic and can put himself in the shoes of each staff member, thus recognizing their needs very well. With this gift, he often brings me to new insights and frequently reminds me to take a moment to breathe and think. We form a perfect unit,” confirms head chef Jonas.

The Perfect Host

Martin WolfMartin’s talent for empathizing with others makes his service exceptional. He is attentive and senses whether and when a guest wants care or not. “It’s almost a bit like mind reading. You bring empathy and the ability to read people, adjusting the service accordingly,” Martin says himself. He treats each guest individually, as GOLVET attracts a diverse crowd. There are guests accustomed to more classic experiences, alongside those dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant for the first time. Martin provides the right service for everyone, yet treats all guests equally and with the same attention. Martin does everything for his guests, wanting them to feel comfortable and leave with a special feeling that lingers.

Reaching for the Stars

Martin Wolf

Martin can look back on a long career in hospitality. Growing up in Saarland, he takes the plunge at 19 and applies for a training program as a hotel specialist at the prestigious Adlon Kempinski in Berlin. He is one of 21 selected from thousands of applicants, beginning his career as a concierge and bellhop. There, he develops his talent for caring for demanding guests, reading their every wish. His next stop is The Mandala Hotel, where he completes a three-year hotel specialist training. Sebastian Frank recognizes his talent and brings him to Horváth, where he rises to Chef de Rang in four years before moving to GOLVET.

GOLVET represents a break in style from his classic training. Even though the kitchen’s creations and first-class service effortlessly compete with other high-end culinary establishments, the ambiance is different. “We are on the same level as our guests, so it feels almost like being with friends at home. There’s no unease,” says Martin. Guests feel and are free. Many come for dinner and then stay at the bar to let the evening wind down. And that is largely thanks to Martin and his team, who keep everything in view and are always there for their guests. People come to GOLVET for star chef Jonas’s creative interpretations, but it is Martin’s team that complements the culinary offerings with exceptional service skills, making a visit to GOLVET an evening one never forgets.