GOLVET’s Post-Lockdown Menu: Focus on Quality & Sustainability

Passion and craft

The first menu in the GOLVET after the lockdown should of course be something very special. The taste and craftsmanship should be at the highest level and, of course, it should have a lasting effect. We wanted and still want to show our guests that even after a longer break, passion and craftsmanship still come first.

Analysis and taste in the GOLVET

The entire GOLVET team used the break to analyze and finally optimize processes. Furthermore, new cooperations with suppliers and producers were established. We focused our selection primarily on outstanding quality and taste. After all, this is the quintessence of our exquisite menus.

Turning coffee waste into high-quality products

In order to achieve our new goals, we now use products in several complex processes. These serve the sole purpose of the complete recycling of all products. A few examples? Instead of disposing of the coffee grounds after each brewed espresso or coffee cream, we process them into our coffee kombucha. This forms the basis for various vinaigrettes and can therefore be used in many different ways in the kitchen. A supposed waste product is thus given a new role and at the same time the amount of waste is reduced.

Would you have recognized that on this picture bread leftovers were processed?

Old bread = Amuse Bouche

In addition to the leftovers from the coffees, leftover bread is also processed sustainably. The “Kümmelseele” of the Domberger Brotwerk bakery is produced with an incredible knowledge of ingredients and conventional baking techniques, passion and work. We want to do justice to this effort and therefore we use the bread leftovers to make a new dough, from which in meticulous handwork filigree chips are made, which are presented to our guests in the Amuse Bouche. The bread leftovers are not only processed separately, but also together with salad leftovers to a crumble. Together with strong, smokily marinated salad hearts, this becomes a tasty snack, which in turn is served together with the “Kümmelseele” at the beginning of the menu.

Regional, sustainable and resource-saving

Whenever it is possible we rely on the work of smaller companies from our region. Thus we obtain our fish in this menu exclusively from the fishing farm “25 ponds” from Graben in Brandenburg and are convinced every week anew by the fabulous quality, which is delivered to us by Matthias Engels. At the same time we obtain a large part of our vegetables through Marko Seibold, who always supplies us with outstanding quality from herbs to microgreens, potatoes and the beetroot. We only place orders once a week, so we receive all the goods we need, but do not have to use daily supply chains.


For the GOLVET menus we do not want to subject ourselves to any constraints. True to the motto “Everything can do, nothing must” we are always looking for the best ingredients to match and complete our dishes. Regionality is a matter of course for us, nevertheless we do not want to close ourselves to any products in general.
The common goal of the GOLVET: to make your evening unforgettable. If you have not yet tried our latest menu, you can reserve your table here.

By the way – the famous GOLVET caramel butter and many other products we use in the restaurant such as the cassis vinegar, the chutney or the tarragon mustard are now also available for home use:

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